In our design direction we worked with colour palettes and textures that evoke an inner world gentleness and calm, mixing it up with bold and assertive ones.
To summarise we would say that the new collection is a tribute to creativity sparked by adversity.

Symphony Blue
900.00 AED 900.00 AED 900.0 AED
Million Dollar Red
965.00 AED 965.00 AED 965.0 AED
Soft Fern Green
810.00 AED 810.00 AED 810.0 AED
Jubilee Pink
From 1,950.00 AED 1,950.00 AED 1950.0 AED
Sandy Lavender
From 1,980.00 AED 1,980.00 AED 1980.0 AED
Empowering Green
From 1,660.00 AED 1,660.00 AED 1660.0 AED